Embroidery on front center panel:
Embroidery from panel:

Also available to complete this ensemble:

Bonnet ($20)

Slip ($65)

The slip can also be embroidered with the family history to carry one through the years to come.

White & Gold Blessing Gown

This dress is a true sign of my passion for this field.

I have spent many hours in the designing of this gown and the implementation of the details as I progressed with its compilation.

I saw a picture of an heirloom gown along the road of my reading and just fell in love with the tonal embroideries throughout the garment. I love the way the “gold” offsets the series of Christian emblems such as the cross and doves.

After the embroideries were completed, I had to add some extra details with the beading; which is all hand done.

There are so many details that they are hard to list and show in the pictures. This is certainly a one-of-a-kind item. I may be able to make another similar one, but it will never be quite the exact copy.

This gown is certain to please anyone purchasing it.

This gown measures about 21” in the chest, is about 45” long, and is 90+” wide at the hem. It has short puff sleeves which are all hand beaded and the back is button down with several small white buttons.

If you would like additional pictures please contact me.