Doves and bows embroidery from back of skirt:

Cross embroidery from back of skirt:

Doves & Bows

This uniquely elegant gown is made from 100% silk in a natural white color with matching detailing.

The embroidery on this gown is composed of continuous trellis work with small flowers along the full bottom edge of the dress which is continued up the sides and back of the dress along with the center front of the gown.

The top center front of the gown is adorned with a long bow held by 2 doves and is carried to the center back motif. This same enrichment is carried down the side fronts along with 2 small crosses. The hem of the gown is finished with a small Venice lace.

The back of the gown is also adorned with a long bow held by 2 doves above a cross. 

The front yoke of the dress is adorned with matching embroideries from the motifs in the bottom of the gown.

The back of the dress yoke is simple with a 3 button closure.

The sleeves are a ¾ length princess style with a gathered hem and the same small Venice lace as on the hem.

The length of the gown is approximately 45” and hem width is approximately 90”.

A beautiful heirloom for your little princess!