Some Possible Bodice Designs:
Some Possible Sleeve Designs:

Design Your Own Gown

Beginning The Design Process

Take a few minutes to become familiar with the parts of the gown before going any further:

Yoke or Bodice

The Sleeves

Hem Treatments

These are some of the more popular choices and can be modified to your specifications:

1.   Plain hem – no lace. There could be lace extending from the bottom of the slip making the gown wearable for a boy or girl

2.   Narrow hem with a finishing lace

3.   Narrow hem with wide gathered lace

4.   Several rows of different laces sewn horizontally

5.   Same as 4 finished with a wide gathered lace or finishing lace

6.   Fancy with lace insets

The hem treatment should depend on the embellishment on the front of the gown skirt. The more elaborate the skirt the plainer the hem should be and vice versa. The hem treatment should not take away from the rest of the gown – only enhance it!

Some possible hem treatments: