This design is from Martha Pullen Company and is of the heirloom family. The cross and scroll are done in pale yellow and gold. The scroll under the cross is adorned with a trio of pearls. These designs can also be done in all white upon request.

This design is of a Celtic Cross with an heirloom floral wreath embracing the base of the cross. I used pastel colors in this design but am willing to do the entire design in white if requested.

This design is of a Celtic Cross with a flower trio in the center done in pastel lavender, mint green and yellow. The doves and cross are done in white and pale grey tones. All embroideries can be done in a single color if requested.

Embroideries may be added to the gown such as the crosses pictured above for an additional $15.00.

The baby’s name and DOB can also be embroidered at no additional cost.

Also available upon request:

Plain Bonnets ($15)

Fancy Bonnet ($25)

Blankets ($40)

In Memory of Molly 05-31-05

God Bless You

My heartfelt condolences go out to you should you be in need of my services on this page.

I have many styles to choose from, however, the following are the three basic gowns which can be finished and shipped in a minimum amount of time.

First, a plain white sacque which ties on the bottom with a satin ribbon closure and the same treatment on long sleeves.

Second, a plain day dress in white with a back button closure.

Third, a white dress adorned with lace and the with a button closure on the back. 

The fabric choices are: white flannel, white cotton broadcloth, white cotton/silk blend, or white Belgium linen. 

I will make it my goal to have the item shipped within 3-5 days of order date and shipping costs will be minimal. 

If time avails your situation, you may have a custom dress constructed with an array of different embroideries. Prices will then be set accordingly.

Simple Day Dress Styling: