Accessories to match this ensemble are a blue and white silk bib with a button closure and matching booties made from the white dupioni with blue ribbon ties. Both items are lined in cotton.

Crest from blanket and skirt lining:

Shades of Blue & Grey

The perfect heirloom ensemble for the new little man in the family! Why shouldn't the little man have a wonderful custom, handmade ensemble for his special day too? Start a new heirloom tradition in your family.

The Romper

This one-piece romper is made from 100% white silk Dupioni and fully lined with fine cotton. The back has a button closure and the pants have a snap closure. This piece can be made as shorts or long pants.

The short sleeves and tie are edged with white chevron fagotting and French blue silk charmeuse binding as a finish.

The "Skirt"

Complimenting this romper is a detachable "skirt" which has shaded blue and grey wheat and scallop border embroideries. Along the base of the lining are several blue and grey crest type embroideries; also included is the baby's name and date of birth. The trim on this piece matches the trim on the sleeves with the fagotting and blue binding. It attaches to the waist of the romper with buttons on the waist and has several hook and eye closures down the front.

The Blanket

The coordinated blanket is white and blue dupioni lined with the matching flannel. It is embroidered on the front with the matching crest from the skirt lining and the baby’s name and date of birth are embroidered on the back. The overall measurement is approximately 45" square.

The Hat

The hat is styled after a sailors' uniform in white silk and matching trim as the skirt and sleeves. It is also fully lined in fine cotton.