Dress front detail with the smallest embroidery, ribbon detail, and lace.
Matching heirloom bonnet and bib

Ayrshire Elegance

Ayrshire styled Christening gown. This gown is a beautiful British styled ensemble; elegant but not overdone.  This is sure to sure to be a family heirloom for many generations.

This gown is made from 100% European handkerchief linen in off-white. Linen in its truest form is not a bright bleached white.

This gown is a typical A-line style gown with long sleeves adorned with antique entredeux laced with off-white satin ribbon. This same treatment runs down the length of the princess style front panel.  The front panel has several sections which have been tucked and embroidered with a simple vine treatment and dove outlines.  The neck edges, sleeves and hem are finished off with a double loop Venice lace.  The back of the gown is closed with 12, sunburst carved, Mother-of-pearl buttons.

The little bonnet that goes along with this gown is simple in structure yet dons the same ribbons and lace finishing as the gown.

All the adornments and embroideries are done in tonal neutrals. This gives the gown some great depth without any of the embellishments crying out louder than the others.

The gown measures about 20” at the chest, 51” in length and “62 in bottom circumference.

The matching slip is done in a very simple A-line style with the embroidery at the hem matching the bottom design on the gown with the baby’ information added for familial history being documented. The design is done in a very light color so as to not to be visible through the light weight linen gown.

As with many of my items, this was a custom request.  Please call for an estimate on your ideas for your child's special occasion.  I will work within any budget and give you something extraordinary that will certainly make a family heirloom.


  The gown opens fully down the center back with 12 mother-of-pearl which have been carved to look like the sun rays.

The center front bottom embroidery which also shows the lace and ribbon treatment details.

The matching slip is made from lightweight cotton broadcloth adorned with the matching embroidery and the child's date of birth date of Christening.