Custom made Heirloom Christening Gowns and special occasion wear for your child.

I specialize in elegance for any occasion.

Baptism, Christening, Dedication

Birthdays, Weddings, First Communion

Baptism - the ceremony or sacrament of admitting a person into Christianity.

Christening - the act or ceremony of baptizing and giving a name to an infant.

Dedication - the act of bringing your child before the church congregation and dedicating them to God

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Welcome to Heaven Sent Baby!

All of my products are custom, handmade garments and are made to your specifications. I will create whatever your dreams are and will be happy to send you digital photos as the project progresses.

Why my Christening Gowns are gowns are unlike any other Christening Gowns you will see online or in boutiques because they are Handmade Quality Heirlooms. All of my Gowns and Outfits are lovingly handmade at the time of ordering for your precious child, grandchild, or Godchild. All gowns are handmade in the USA by one individual and not a large company.

On the pages following you will be able to view some of my previous works for ideas which I will gladly reproduce for you or you can add your own taste and style to a particular piece. 

There are many details to be seen in these gowns, so please take some time and really look closely at them.

All pieces can be embellished as much as desired, or can be plain with some minor name embellishments.

I have a gallery of projects from the years of enjoyment, pages with embroidery links and ideas, a testimonial page and more to come!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Please call for an estimate on your ideas for your child's special occasion.  I will work within any budget and give you something extraordinary that will certainly make a family heirloom.  I do keep some designs in stock for last minute purchases and most likely will be able to be personalized for your family.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often.